Top 3 Tips Choosing Best Piano Movers: Piano Expertise

pianoThe piano is a gorgeous instrument which requires not only careful playing but also careful handling.

Therefore, it is paramount to hire professional assistance when it comes to moving this heavy instrument. You will need professional services if you are planning to change houses or if the piano requires being transported to and from a certain concert hall.

You may find several people eager to assist you with the transportation of your piano. However, only experts and the best piano movers can guarantee the safe transportation of this large and delicate musical instrument.

Putting it into the hands of inexperienced persons may result in unsettling of the keys and other types of heavy damage to the piano. Moving a piano can be a very stressful in an individual’s life, especially if he or she hasn’t hired proper assistance.

Piano transportation can be daunting since the mover needs to have adequate specialized knowledge and skills to move safely it.

In this article, you will find some of the frequently asked questions about piano transportation in order to assist you to understand what is involved when moving a piano and prepare you with all the necessary information to choose the right mover.

First, here are some of the tips to help you choose the best piano mover:

  1. Check the Credentials of your Piano Mover

Piano transport companies are required to be registered and licensed by the Department of Transportation. Several movie companies will also have the capability and expertise to carry your piano.

Any mover should be able to offer you with their USDOT or MC number upon request and should very these at particular site will inform you if the mover has the proper credentials.

  1. Verify Insurance Coverage of your Professional Piano Mover

All professional piano movers are required to have an insurance cover in addition to being licensed. Ask your movers to show you a certificate from their insurance company. Confirm this by calling their insurance company or just use

Usually, when moving a piano, this insurance policy will offer enough coverage. However, if you realize you need more coverage, then contact your homeowner’s insurance. Ask them for a good rider to your insurance policy which will cover your piano during the transportation. The extra coverage will give an ample time during the shipment.

Most commodities transported through some piano transport companies are eligible for various Cargo Insurance.

When accepting a bid, you have a choice to buy additional coverage. This policy is all-risk covering the approved goods against any damage, stolen or lost claims subject to the terms and high exclusions of the policy.

  1. Research the Professional Piano Mover

Like stocks and baseball players, a professional piano mover’s historical performance is a good indicator of their future performance. In other words, gather as much details/information as possible concerning the piano moving company.

Fortunately, most of the piano movers have extensive customer feedback, ratings, and history listed on their profile. By browsing their profile, you will discover the level of success the transporter had with same shipments in the past and the satisfactory rate of all previous customers.

You will also get the DOT and MC numbers, the insurance coverage, and previous cancellation on the transporter’s profile. After reviewing this critical information, you will be ready to choose the best piano mover, and be confident in determining who is handling your precious asset.

Researching the moving company may take a lot of time, but it is worth it. The majority of piano movers are industrious and honest, and a little extra effort on your part will make sure that you find the best company for you and your piano move.

How Piano Movers Help

Piano moving services are available in nearly all cities these days since the transportation of a piano needs professional handling as much as playing the piano does.

The expert piano movers are very responsible for the packaging and the movement of the piano. Before doing their work the servicemen from the company will always discuss in detail on how they plan to transport your piano from its present location.

A lot of detailing and planning is involved in the initial stage, and your suggestions and views are also taken into serious consideration.

The more information and suggestions you can give your piano mover, the more accurate your quote will be. If you are vague and give few details, don’t be surprised if you incur additional charges for your move.

A good, reputable piano mover will ensure the process is as painless as possible for you and often be the highlight and most stress-free part of your entire moving process.

The key is ensuring that the mover meets all your requirements and giving them the information they require to assist you properly.

How You Can Assist the Piano Moving Company

You must allow the piano mover know about the place where you intend the piano to be transferred to.

Let them understand in detail the structure of the building, the distance from the current location of the piano, the number of floors the piano has to be delivered, whether there are any elevator services readily available in the building and if not, how many stairs will the piano require to be carried to and if you will be there to take the delivery or not.

All these are the essential parts of the planning stage, and the piano moving company will, therefore, employ persons for the move.

Here are some of the recommended questions to ask when you are planning to hire a piano mover:

  • Do you have any references?
  • How long have you been transporting pianos?
  • How do you charge for piano moving, and what are your rates?
  • Do you have full-time, trained personnel moving pianos for you?
  • Which days of the week do you move pianos, and what is your availability?
  • Will you give me with a copy of your workman’s safety insurance clearance certificate?
  • Are you covered for Automotive/Commercial insurance, content / Cartage insurance, and workman’s safety insurance?
  • What extent will my piano be insured during the move? What does this insurance cover?
  • What are your terms of cartage? Will you give me with a copy?
  • Will I be offered will a bill of lading when my piano is being moved?

The Bottom Line

Pianos are so cumbersome and unwieldy, not to mention their high price. Therefore, spending a little extra cash on a reputable piano moving company will protect an asset which you spent a tremendous amount of money to purchase.

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