Treat Your Car Like You Treat Your Guitars – With Care

The fact that you own a car, it is mandatory to take care of it. Without any doubts, you are obligated to check the condition of the vehicle regularly to ensure every part is running well. Inspecting your car is more than just checking the tires and fluids, though these are some of the key areas to keep your eye on. Like any other property within your homestead, a car is a huge investment that needs to be maintained properly. If you neglect it for too long, you could end up on the side of the road need to call for a tow truck. Remember, car maintenance does not only keep it looking brand new, but also ensures high repair and maintenance costs are cut down in the long run. Therefore, here are 7 basic tips on how to maintain your old or new car.

1. Brake Pads Replacement

Replacing brake pads depends mainly on how the car is used. Do you use the vehicle very often? What kind of terrain do you drive on? Do you carry heavy loads? When a car is always on the road ferrying huge loads and climbing mountainous terrains, probably the brake pads must wear faster. Some cars have been fitted with brake wear sensors to inform the driver when the brakes need replacement. Even the old models will produce a screech sound within the brake lining and the drum, indicating that the pads should be replaced. It is advisable to replace them as soon as you can to avoid costly repair due to additional wear and tear on other parts.

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